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Cyber Savings End Soon

Cyber Savings End Soon

A Blender For A Better You

And one that you'll actually use.

Save 20% on the Beast Blender Max.

Featuring two Blending Vessels and our 25oz. glass Hydration System to blend and go -- plus a bonus Cleaning Brush and specially-designed Vessel Spatula to keep your Beast, and yourself, in tip-top shape.

Over 900 5-Star Reviews

Beast Blender Max
More health, less hassle. Get the most out of your Beast Health Blender.
Save 20%
Color: Cloud White

What's Included

  • Beast Health™ Blender
    Beast Health™ BlenderBase, Blade, and 1000mL Vessel. Ready to blend.
  • 500mL Blending Vessel
    500mL Blending VesselVessel + Storage Lid
  • Vessel Spatula
    Vessel SpatulaDesigned to get every drop out of your Blending Vessel
  • Cleaning Brush
    Cleaning BrushTake care of your Beast Health™ Blender
  • Storage Lid + Drinking Lid + Carry Cap
    Storage Lid + Drinking Lid + Carry CapStore extras, or take your blends to go.
  • Beast Hydration System
    Beast Hydration System750ml Glass Vessel, Infusion Chamber, Drinking Lid + Carry Cap

The Power of Nature's Foods

You have the ability to transform your health, all it takes is a daily green smoothie packed with a full dose of fresh whole foods.

Don't just take our word for it; leading hydration expert and integrative physician Dr. Dana Cohen uses this method in her practice every single day.

All Dana's Green Blends Nutrition Blends Hydration Blends
Green Machine
Green Machine
Coconut Milk • Dates • Avocado • Greek Yogurt
Super Green
Super Green
Avocado • Ginger • Spinach
Tropical Greens
Tropical Greens
Kale • Mango • Coconut
Green Goddess | Beast Health Blend Recipes
Green Goddess
Cucumber • Mint

Strong Inside™

Real Food Heals

Colin Sapire, Founder and CEO of Beast Health, transformed his life by drinking smoothies every morning. You can too.

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Real Product Reviews
My previous blender could wake the dead. The Beast Blender was surprisingly quiet and powerful.
Phoenix, AZ
Lifestyle Square
smiling woman poses
The Beast not only makes it easy to make smoothies, its beautiful design and compact size make it perfect for my NYC kitchen.
Zalia F.
Brooklyn, NY
blender and apples on the background of mountains
smiling woman posing
Over built tank of a little blender. I’m so happy with this thing. So well built and solid. Great design and engineering.
Dallas, TX
blender with fruit at home on the table
young woman posing for a photo
The Beast is what I have been waiting for: easy to handle, quiet and portable.
Jennifer B.
Los Angeles, CA
Fruit juice with a blender
left or right.