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"...the Beast Health B10 is entering a crowded marketplace with an eye-catching new look and feel"

"...the Beast Health B10 is entering a crowded marketplace with an eye-catching new look and feel"

“…looks and feels like the sort of blender you might expect if Apple started creating countertop appliances.”

“Made with a 12-rib design, it creates intense internal turbulence to leave you with smooth blends...”

"Ok, so it’s called the Beast, but this is actually the most elegant blender you’ll ever use."

"The Beast Health B10 blends style with substance."

left or right.
Produces the smoothest blends to make you Strong Inside™
Blender and glass Hydration Bottle for blending and infusing
Glass bottle for infusions or blends to-go
left or right.
Smooth blends
Innovative 12-rib vessels
No spills here
Timed blend
A blade with a brain
Take it to-go
The Beast Blender

We meticulously engineered a best-in-class personal blender to help you add even more of the good stuff to your diet.

2-Year warranty
Why blend?

We’re guided by one simple fact: Fresh, whole foods are nature’s best gifts to protect your health and immunity.

To help get you started with blending, we specially crafted recipes and highlighted ingredients that focus on building your immunity and making you stronger on the inside.

Drink all the good.

When you’re nourished by nature, you’re officially on your way to becoming Strong Inside™.

Color: Carbon Black
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2-Year Warranty
What They’re Saying About Us
It's not often one comes across such a perfect blend of form and function.
Rahul K.
Los Angeles, CA
The Beast not only makes it easy to make smoothies, its beautiful design and compact size make it perfect for my NYC kitchen.
Zalia F.
Brooklyn, NY
Not only is the B10 totally unique in design and aesthetic, but it also blends to perfection.
Ryan C.
Los Angeles, CA
The Beast is what I have been waiting for: easy to handle, quiet and portable.
Jennifer B.
Los Angeles, CA
left or right.