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Free Shipping • 2-Year Warranty • Shop Blenders

Corporate & Group Sales

Corporate + Group Sales

Health + wellness is at the top of everyone's to-do list in 2024. Thousands of customers have already discovered the cheat code that instantly becomes a fun and refreshing addition to your healthy daily routine.

Give your partners, clients, and employees a gift that will serve their health and their happiness.

Our Corporate Gifting program is perfect for…

  • Employees working from home

  • Client or prospective client gifts

  • Anniversaries, milestones and celebrations.

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Transform your guests' experience with the Beast Blender. Elevate your offering in hotels, gyms, spas, rental properties, cafes, bars, and more, with a beautiful tool designed to craft delightful beverages and blended creations.

Whether whipping up energizing smoothies, crafting artisanal cocktails, or preparing exquisite dishes, the Beast Blender will foster unforgettable moments for patrons.