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Beast Health

“The Beast liquified everything I threw its way — from leafy veggies to celery to frozen strawberries to apple and pineapple chunks.”

“The Beast liquified everything I threw its way — from leafy veggies to celery to frozen strawberries to apple and pineapple chunks.”

"... one of those rare instances where form and function are married perfectly together... it’s honestly become one of my favorite small luxuries"

"Ok, so it’s called the Beast, but this is actually the most elegant blender you’ll ever use."

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Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 1230 reviews
Beast® Blender
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Beast Health® Bottle
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Beast® Mini Blender
Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 1230 reviews
Beast® Blender Tonal
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“This is the only blender I’ve found that is sleek, stylish, powerful enough to blend up anything...”

Over 2,500 5-Star Reviews

"My smoothies are incredibly silky and thick and no gritty bits!"
Carolina B.
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"Thank you for making blending a breeze! I am so thrilled!"
Elizabeth W.
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"Makes the morning routine a real treat to look forward to."
Margaret K.
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"Bought it for my wife as a Christmas gift. She's been using it every morning."
Vincent S.
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Smooth blends
Innovative 12-rib vessels
No spills here
Timed blend
A blade with a brain
Take it to-go

Award-Winning Design + Technology

We meticulously engineered a best-in-class personal blender to help you add even more of the good stuff to your diet.

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Beast Blender Tonal
Beast Blender Tonal
Beast Blender Tonal
Beast Blender Tonal

Our award-winning 1000W personal blender, now with a matching insulated stainless steel bottle and brand new straw kit.

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About Beast Health

Beast Health was formed to create best-in-class tools that empower people to increase their consumption of fresh, whole foods from nature.

The Beast Blender is the easiest and most effective delivery system for the nutrients your body needs to perform at the highest level. The Beast Health Blender makes it simple to create nutrient-rich meals and snacks that can be conveniently taken on the go. This single tool makes a healthy lifestyle enjoyable and achievable.

The Beast Blender

Our flagship product, the Beast Health Blender, is a 1000-watt personal blender with a maximum capacity of 1000mL (34oz). The Beast Blender was designed with several cutting-edge performance and safety features, including ribbed vessels and a timed blending cycle; for increased turbulence and consistently smooth results… And we didn’t stop there.

We also created a new electronic interlock system to include a patented thermal sensor in the Beast Performance Blade to prevent overheating accidents. Because when a set of Grade 301 Stainless Steel blades are spinning at 18,000 revolutions per minute, you can’t compromise on safety.

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The Beast Blender + Hydration System

The Beast Blender + Hydration System (”Beast Blender Plus”) features the 1000-watt Beast Blender, as well as an extra 500mL Blending Vessel, perfect for small smoothies, sauces and dressings, or pulsing fresh ingredients to infuse in water.

Speaking of infusions, the Beast Blender Plus also features the Beast Hydration System, a 26oz glass bottle with a stainless steel infusion chamber. Pulse fresh, whole fruits & vegetables and infuse your water with the flavor and nutrients of nature’s foods.

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The Beastmode Blender

In July 2023, Beast Health partnered with NFL legend, entrepreneur, and community advocate Marshawn Lynch to develop the Beastmode by Beast Blender. With a stunning new Forest Green finish, a supercharged 1200-watt motor, and a brand new matching insulated stainless steel bottle, the Beastmode Blender is the baddest blender on the planet.

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The Beast Blender Tonal

In Fall 2023, Beast Health introduced the Beast Blender Tonal, a brand new bundle featuring the 1000-watt Beast Blender, 1000mL Blending Vessel, 500mL Blending Vessel, and a matching double-walled Stainless Steel bottle. And, for the first time, this Beast Blender bundle comes with a new leak-resistant straw cap so you can bring your blends to-go with ease. {...}

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The Beast Mini Blender

In January of 2024, Beast revolutionized personal blending once again, with a 5-pound, 600-watt, 22oz Mini Blender. The signature Beast design and technology, the Beast Mini Blender can blend frozen fruits and vegetables like its larger cousin and is an exceptionally versatile tool in the kitchen that can effectively grind coffee and mince garlic, as well as emulsify delicious dressings. And, since the Beast Mini Blender features a leak-proof straw system in every bundle, you can blend, sip, and go with ease. Delicious, nutritious, portable snacks are just one button away.

Eating well has never gone so smoothly.

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So, What?

When you’re fueled by nature, you become Strong Inside.

A Beast Blender can turn your wellness woes into simple, enjoyable healthy habits.

It’s more than a machine. It’s called the “Beast” because it will make YOU a Beast.

Shop our collection of world-class Beast Blenders today.