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The Blender That Takes Your Health Seriously

Beast Health® was founded on the simple premise that when we’re nurtured by nature, not factory foods, we become Strong Inside™.

We're partnering with award-winning chef and author Seamus Mullen to offer an exclusive deal on the Beast Blender Max. 

Over 700 5-Star Reviews

Beast Blender Max
More health, less hassle. Get the most out of your Beast Health Blender.

What's Included

  • Beast Health™ Blender
    Beast Health™ BlenderBase, Blade, and 1000mL Vessel. Ready to blend.
  • 500mL Blending Vessel
    500mL Blending VesselVessel + Storage Lid
  • Vessel Spatula
    Vessel SpatulaDesigned to get every drop out of your Blending Vessel
  • Cleaning Brush
    Cleaning BrushTake care of your Beast Health™ Blender
  • Storage Lid + Drinking Lid + Carry Cap
    Storage Lid + Drinking Lid + Carry CapStore extras, or take your blends to go.
  • Beast Hydration System
    Beast Hydration System750ml Glass Vessel, Infusion Chamber, Drinking Lid + Carry Cap

Strong Inside™ Recipes by Seamus

The chef shows the dish

Tomato & Watermelon Gazpacho

The chef decorates the dish with sauce


All Seamus' Blends Sauces Soup Dessert Blends
Immuno Crusher
Immuno Crusher
Banana • Carrot • Ginger • Honey
Protein Beast
Protein Beast
Almond Butter • Apple • Blueberries  • Dates
Golden Glow
Golden Glow
Kefir • Pineapple • Honey
Green Machine
Green Machine
Coconut Milk • Dates • Avocado • Greek Yogurt
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Real Product Reviews
My previous blender could wake the dead. The Beast Blender was surprisingly quiet and powerful.
Phoenix, AZ
Lifestyle Square
smiling woman poses
The Beast not only makes it easy to make smoothies, its beautiful design and compact size make it perfect for my NYC kitchen.
Zalia F.
Brooklyn, NY
blender and apples on the background of mountains
smiling woman posing
Over built tank of a little blender. I’m so happy with this thing. So well built and solid. Great design and engineering.
Dallas, TX
blender with fruit at home on the table
young woman posing for a photo
The Beast is what I have been waiting for: easy to handle, quiet and portable.
Jennifer B.
Los Angeles, CA
Fruit juice with a blender
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Real Food Heals

The award-winning chef, restaurateur, and author of Food Hero and Real Food Heals is on a mission to help as many people as possible embrace the remarkable healing power of Real Food! After a health crisis nearly ended his career in 2012 Seamus made a dramatic change in his relationship with food which helped him reverse an “incurable” auto-immune disease and lose over 80 pounds.

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Real Food Heals author
In The Press
 Beast Blender white
"A blender that looks good... will remind you to drink your vitamins, and it might just make it that much easier to stay consistent with your healthy diet."
 Beast Blender black
"... the Beast Blender is worth the upgrade."
 Beast Blender with  Stainless Steel Hydration Bottle Black
"Instagram-friendly, professional-grade."
Beast Health™ Blender on table grey
"It is viral. It is beautiful. It is Beast. This thing transformed my smoothie game..."
 Beast Health™ Blender on table with Stainless Steel Hydration Bottle
"It's easy to clean, easy to use, and looks tasteful sitting on my countertop."
Beast Health™ Blender black
"... makes it possible to recreate your favorite drinkable recipes, right from home."
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Unlike Any Other Blender

The Beast is meticulously designed, constructed from premium materials, and fine-tuned for maximum performance... so you get a silky smooth, mouthwatering blend every time.

BEAST Feature Renderings Powerful Motor

Power + Precision

Features a 1000-watt motor and a single button, to pulse with precision or blend for 60-second cycles.

BEAST Blade Assem and Vessel

No Leaks

Our industry-leading electronic interlock system and construction is secure and leak-proof.

Blender Top Down View Blending

"A Gentle Whir"

"... quieter than any other blender we tested." - Wirecutter, 2022

Smooth Blends

Smooth Blends

Our innovative 12-rib vessel design creates increased turbulence for the smoothest blends.

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More About Seamus

Seamus Mullen is an award-winning chef, restaurateur and cookbook author.  He can often be seen as a featured judge on the popular Food Network series “Chopped” and “Beat Bobby Flay,” and is a frequent guest on programs such as The Today Show, The Martha Stewart Show and CBS This Morning where he shares his knowledge of cooking and nutrition. 

A health crisis nearly ended Seamus’ career in 2012 and a dramatic re-evaluation of his lifestyle and relationship with food led to a total transformation. In 12 months, he reversed an “incurable” auto-immune disease, lost over 80 pounds and returned to being an active and healthy human. As a nationally recognized leading authority on health and wellness, Seamus is on a mission to help as many people as possible take control of their own health and embrace the remarkable healing power of Real Food!

In 2012 Seamus published his first cookbook Hero Food and in 2017 released his second cookbook, Real Food Heals and he is thrilled to collaborate with the Beast because it’s such an efficient and tasty way to get more real, whole foods into your diet.

Seamus lives in sunny Malibu, California and when he’s not cooking or writing, you can find him swinging kettlebells, riding bikes and hiking in the coastal mountains.